Bolt-on Strong Security (BoSS)

Bolt-on Strong Security is PACid’s comprehensive data security solution.

We call it “bolt on” because it works with existing infrastructure.  It can be “bolted on” to the existing devices, servers, and networks to provide a strong – very strong – level of data security.

There are two key features to PACid’s patented BoSS solution:

  • It uses a very sophisticated form of dynamic encryption that is virtually unbreakable with today’s technology.
  • By automating password handling and authentication it neutralizes the “weak link” in data security – users who use simple passwords, reuse passwords, and never change passwords.

PACid is a pioneer in dynamic encryption – our early versions of dynamic encryption technology are part of the data security portion of the 802.11 Wi-Fi standard.  Our latest technology builds on our earlier work and takes dynamic encryption to an entirely new level.  The system uses long and complex passwords that are frequently changed.  By the time a hacker could collect enough data to be able to attempt decryption of the password the password has already been changed.

And if the password were compromised somehow, the hacker would only have access for a few minutes before the password was changed again.  With most websites, once you’re in, you’re in.  You don’t need to re-enter your password unless you’ve been inactive for quite a while.  With BoSS, on the other hand, the password would change in the background every few minutes, logging you out of the site and back in with a new secure password without you even noticing it.

Many hack attacks work by letting a hacker hijack a system by changing the password and locking the victim out.  Without the secure PACid device a hacker would have no way to change the password and hijack the system during the interval when he has access.

Password management to all sites is controlled by PACid’s vault.  There are various configurations the vault can take that offer different levels of security protection.  The simplest, and least secure, is a software based vault in an existing computer or “smart” device.  The most secure would be a dedicated device that only had access to secure locations, so it is isolated from all the security horrors of the internet at large. In between are alternatives such as using a dedicated processor within a computer or smartphone.

The user only has to remember one password – the password used to access the vault.  With many of today’s smartphones being equipped with biometric capability, a greater level of security could be provided by making access to the vault contingent on both biometric verification and a password. Users are not burdened with trying to keep track of different, complex passwords for every site they use – the system handles that for them automatically.

Every week major new data breaches are discovered – as this is being written current examples include Target’s loss of millions of customers’ credit card information, including PINs, and a compromise of the SSL standard known as “Heartbleed” that may have compromised many millions of users’ data.  PACid’s BoSS solution offers a way to prevent costly data breaches from ever happening again.