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PACid is a pioneer encryption technology research firm, specializing in dynamic key management.

The technology in PACid’s early patents (1998-1999) is a crucial part of the IEEE 802.11i data encryption specification for securing a wireless local area network (WLAN) — the standard that provides the basis for Wi-Fi.  As such, PACid technology is incorporated into billions of devices worldwide.  Anyone who uses any of the standard password protection schemes for their Wi-Fi network is using PACid technology.

PACid’s latest innovation is BoSS (bolt-on strong security) – a system that uses unbreakable, continuously changing passwords to keep data and financial accounts safe.  Users only need to remember one strong password; the system takes care of the rest.  We have additional patents, both granted and pending, covering this next generation technology for keeping online data secure.

The name PACid comes from Personal Authentication Credential identification device.  Personal authentication credentials are the combination of user name and password used for accessing data. The way we keep data secure is by managing the personal authentication credentials with complex, long usernames and passwords that are managed on a “device” level, meaning security is no longer dependent on users following “best practices” for securing their data.

PACid has a portfolio of 10 issued and 15 pending patents, all in the field of data security and encryption.

PACid is led by Founder and CEO Guy Fielder.  As employee #18 at Compaq, he was one of the company’s lead designers as computers evolved from luggables to laptops.

After leaving Compaq, Guy became interested in digital currency – decades before the advent of Bitcoin.  He developed solutions for value storage that could be neither defrauded nor counterfeited.

Realizing that data could be as valuable as currency, Guy turned his attention to data encryption.  He obtained four foundational patents for dynamic encryption and secure communications.

At the time, however, industry experts thought that strong standard encryption (256 bit keys) would be sufficient for the foreseeable future.  It took ten years for the industry to catch up with Guy’s innovations.

At SkyPort, Guy developed an in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge communications technologies.  His team was among the first to provision TCP/IP protocol over satellite and the first to provision VoIP via satellite.

As WiFi became ubiquitous, it became obvious that data security in the wireless era was going to be a major issue.  WiFi is simply a form of radio, and radio transmissions are notoriously easy to intercept.

Guy’s patents became part of the industry standard for encryption of wireless communications, and licensing of the patents yielded over $23 million in revenue.  Products using Guy’s inventions generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue annually.

With data theft an increasing problem that’s expected to cost the US economy $290 billion by 2018, Guy and PACid are now focused on protecting consumer data (including names, credit card numbers, and social security numbers) held by retailers, banks, and other organizations.

PACid™ and BoSS™ are trademarks of PACid.

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