Our Vision

PACid has always been ahead of the herd.  Back in the mid 1990’s,  our founders recognized that mobile computing and wireless communications would one day be ubiquitous, giving rise to the need for secure transmission of information over wireless networks.  Today this is marketed as anything, any time, and anywhere access.

Our innovations in the field of dynamic encryption were a decade ahead of their time but eventually became an integral part of the Wi-Fi 802.11i security standard.

You don’t have to be a visionary to see that data breaches are a very serious and growing problem.  822 million records were exposed in 2013 — nearly double the previous record set in 2011.  Data theft is projected to cost the US economy $290 billion by 2018.  Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the USA.

Once again, PACid has the solution.

Our Bolt-on Strong Security™ (BoSS) is unbreakable with current techniques.  Users only have to remember one password, or use a biometric sensor.  For every site or account accessed through BoSS, the system automatically manages a long, binary dynamic id and password – an id and password that change with each use before anyone can crack it or reuse them.

As the expression “bolt-on” implies, BoSS requires no changes required to the current infrastructure.

Just as dynamic encryption became part of the industry standard for Wi-Fi security, we’re working to make BoSS the industry standard and universal platform for security applications.

We envision a day when data breaches are a thing of the past – as quaint and old fashioned (albeit frightening) as stagecoach and train robberies.