PACid Technology

PACid has been the leader in dynamic encryption of data since the 1990s.  The first generation of the company’s technology is a part of the Wi-Fi security standards.  The company has been continuing to innovate ever since and has technology that could put a stop to widespread theft of sensitive information online.

Wi-Fi Encryption

PACid founder Guy Fielder’s inventions were fundamental to dynamic encryption as used in the 802.11i Wi-Fi security standard otherwise known as Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2), introduced in 2004.

Security is even more of a concern for wireless communications than for wired communications because Wi-Fi is essentially a form of radio, which has traditionally been easy to intercept.  Without a security protocol in use, anyone in range of a Wi-Fi signal could overhear voice communications and read data transmissions.

Wi-Fi security requires:

  • Confidentiality, protected via encryption
  • Verification of authenticity (users are who they say they are)
  • Verification of message origin
  • Control of access to network services
  • Protection against jamming
  • Protection against hijacking or altering data packets

The 802.11i standard defines a security mechanism that operates between the Media Access Control (MAC) sub-layer and the Network layer.  It provides a Robust Security Network (RSN) with two new protocols:  the 4-Way Handshake and the Group Key Handshake.

BoSS™ (Bolt-on Strong Security) 

PACid has continued to innovate in the area of data security and is again at the leading edge of dynamic security technology with our BoSS (Bolt-on Strong Security) solution.

PACid’s BoSS solution is a strong dynamic password-based authentication and dynamic encryption platform designed to significantly increase the security of password-based authentication, while remaining transparently backwards-compatible with most legacy applications and databases.

With the BoSS system, end users can use the same password for all of their websites and applications on one secure mobile device, while the system deploys a one-time-use password to authenticate the end-user to the host application.  This eliminates the need for multiple user passwords, while still maintaining online security.

Our motto is: “In God we trust, everyone else gets dynamically authenticated.”


PACid’s System Levels Approach to Data Security

PACid offers a layered approach to data security.  We have developed technology that can be deployed in different ways with different levels of end-to-end security.

What we call “Level 1” is a software-only implementation, which provides enhanced security but would still be vulnerable to different kinds of snooping attacks.

Our “Level 5” solution would be the ultimate in data security, using  a special purpose (secured island) processor within the general purpose computing device.


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PACid’s BoSS Security Solution

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